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Emergencies are not time specific. More often than not, health impediments knock at your door unexpectedly. At times like these, a patient requires quick, receptive and accessible emergency care. With an intention of creating a hospital that simplifies healthcare facilities for everyone, Dr. Y Raghavendra Reddy, started Jyotsna Hospital in 2020.

Medical professionals at Jyotsna, specialized in treating a wide spectrum of conditions, are committed to create an ecosystem of quality healthcare that addresses all the spheres of medicine under one roof. We at Jyotsna are committed to bridge the staggering gap between local communities and holistic healthcare.

The hospital caters to modern equipment in its ICU’s and operation theatres. It facilitates a 14 bed ICU, 3 uniquely designed operation theaters and comfortable admit rooms for all. With 120 beds and a spacious structure, Jyotsna hospital is an all-inclusive healthcare facility located at Ramamurthy Nagar.

Inception and Vision

The fabric of Jyotsna hospital is embedded in the philosophy – “Hands that heal, Hearts that Care”. We envisioned to create an all-encompassing environment for our patients. We strive to walk with them and guide them through quality health care and high standards of living.

Ever since the inception, Jyotsna hospital has taken over the responsibility of creating an infrastructure that is affordable, accessible and appropriate for not just the local residents, but for anyone who is looking for a facility that can be a solution to their medical uncertainties. By creating a democratic space for both doctors and patients, Jyotsna hospital works harmoniously for the community.

We are in par with the latest medical technology and regularly update our equipment to stay relevant within the industry. Our experienced physicians demonstrate strong understanding of medical technology and we create an opportunity for them to leverage their skills at Jyotsna hospital.

With a mindset that strongly believes in service, we are here to be your medical support system. We assure that your health is in safe hands.

Hospital MD

Dr. Y Raghavendra Reddy, MD & Chairman

All set to become a landmark in the field of Health care, Jyotsna Hospital has gone leaps and bounds to deliver its mission of bringing quality healthcare services for all. We are aligned with our guiding principle “Healing Hands Caring Hearts”, which is the virtue by which every individual at Jyotsna Hospital works. The team of our expert medical professionals will constantly endeavor to provide accessible, affordable and best available healthcare services in India.

We treat each patient as our family rather than customers with a belief “Healing Hands Caring Hearts”.

I hope that in future we continue to provide and extend further the best international standards, quality care universally.

Our MD Words

Get Emergency Care 24/7

We are always at your side.
We are 24 hours available for you in emergency situation.

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