• May 24, 2021


Hypertension is a health problem associated with high blood pressure in the blood vessels. When the blood is carried from the heart to the rest of the body at high pressure, then it can be dangerous for heart and blood vessels. According to doctors, the normal blood pressure should be 130/80mmHg. When it exceeds this number, then it is called as hypertension.

Hypertension is very common in the world, and due to this reason, it is associated with several myths. So today, let’s talk about them and tell you about the real facts associated with them.

#Myth 1: It is Impossible to Prevent Hypertension

Fact: Although there is no cure for Hypertension yet, it can be easily managed. Even doctors across the world are spreading awareness about the prevention of this problem. Here are some common precautions you can take while suffering from Hypertension and manage it:

  • Exercise daily and maintain your body weight.
  • Live an active lifestyle.
  • Consume a healthy diet with low salt and saturated fats.
  • Quit smoking and drinking habits.

#Myth 2: It is a Geriatric Problem.

Fact: The person of any age can suffer from Hypertension. It doesn’t have any consideration with age. Anyone who is living a sedentary life and unhealthy lifestyle have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure.

#Myth 3: Its Medicines Can Be Stopped Once the Blood Pressure Returns to Normal.

Fact: Once the Hypertension patient starts its medicine, their blood pressure usually comes back to normal and stabilized. However, stopping its medication can again crop up the problems like damage of vital organs such as kidney, heart, and brain. Therefore, don’t skip the medicines even if your blood pressure is stabilized.

#Myth 4: It Affects Men, While Women are Rarely Affected by it.

Fact: Although Men and Women have a different type of lifestyle, both genders have equal risks of developing hypertension. Therefore, get it tested if you are noticing the fast pumping of the heart.

#Myth 5: It is a Common Problem, and Not Require Much Attention.

Fact: Although Hypertension is quite common with modern lifestyle, it still requires proper and immediate attention. If left untreated, it can damage the vital organs in the body, blood vessels, and lead to sudden heart stroke and attack. Therefore, don’t let this ‘Silent Killer’ attack you and concern the best doctor near you.

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