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We provide excellent services for your ultimate good health. Here some of the services are included for your better understand that we are always at your side.

Emergency and Trauma Care

In any emergency, time is very crucial. The care providers should know the worth of time and should be well-experienced to take immediate and right decisions. Any postponement in time, or a simple error can cost the patients their life. Jyotsna Hospital’s emergency medicine and trauma care facilities are one of the most advanced in India. They include specialty care section for accident & trauma, cardiac emergencies, and pediatrics emergencies. The department consists of professionals with expert training and years of experience in dealing with medical emergency situation.

The emergency medicine and trauma department include leading association trained experts in emergency care and our subspecialists are available for consultation. The Centre is staffed with trauma physicians, emergency room physicians, surgical residents, and nurses – all in willingness to respond to any type of medical emergencies.

Modern ICU
The Intensive Care Unit at Jyotsna Hospital to all medical and surgical emergency. It has a committed group of medical and paramedical personnel who serve round the clock. Equipped with multifunctional advanced monitoring facilities for seriously ill patients.

The ICU is dedicated totally to critical care with severe infection control protocol and access protocols. It is a model part in terms of clinical care as well as infrastructural support with a completely incorporated computerized & centrally monitored patient management system which ensure error-free patient services at everytime.


  • State of the art medical infrastructure
  • Technologically superior invasive and non invasive Ventilators
  • Multipara monitors with IBP and central monitoring system
  • Syringe pumps
  • Central oxygen supply and vacuum
  • Defibrillator and multi channel ECG
  • Hemodialysis unit
Economy Rooms

Our hospital provides different types of wards to  individual requirement of the patients.

The accommodation is available in various types from luxury suits, luxury and semi luxury rooms to  single room, double bed room, economy wards with beds & general wards with beds for customers convenience.

Luxury and Semi luxury rooms are large and Airy, well furnished and other necessities to suit the needs of customers.              

Single rooms in hospital wards are well furnished, provided with AC, telephone, TV. The double rooms and economy wards also offer certain amount of privacy and are well furnished. General wards are accessible at very reasonable rates.

Lab Diagnostic

All the laboratory services at Jyotsna Hospital & Research Centre are maintained by qualified medical professionals. As it is a laboratory performing tests connecting to several laboratory disciplines, such as clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology, microbiology, serology, histopathology, cytology ,hematology, immunology and transfusion services  and using sophisticated instruments, such as Fully automated analyzers, chemiluminescence analyzers, ELIZA readers, hematology analyzers  ,Coagulation analyzer , ESR analyzer ,Liquid based cytology , Automated tissue processing and staining systems in Histopathology automated ,urine analyzers etc and blood bank with part facility.

Ambulance Service

The ambulance service accessible by our Emergency Department is the most refined in Bangalore. These ambulances are moving on wheels  ICUs, fully operational with all intensive care facilities like ventilators, advanced cardiac care devices, trauma kits and even facilities for neonatal transport and critical care.

A GPS in ambulances tracks their location and directs them where they require to go. Specializing in both interhospital and prehospital care, the team of trained doctors and paramedics on board ensure a medically safe journey for the patient.


The pharmacy at Jyotsna Hospital is well-stocked with any medicines you may require. With a simple principle of offering patients most comfort, we have ensured that patients can quickly get their prescriptions refill without having to go far from the hospital.

We value your time and help you grant more time to take care of your loved ones at home. Free yourself from driving down to  our Pharmacy, waiting at the counter for your tablets. Our skilled Pharmacists will make certain timely and prompt home delivery of your medicines are delivered at the comfort of your home and also keep a track of the refill.


Intensive Care unit(ICU)  is meant for keeping patients who need continuous observation and monitoring  and frequent administration of medical treatment. The staffs concerned in an intensive care unit are generally well trained and have better qualifications.

  • PICU – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, this is an intensive care unit for children group in serious medical situations. 
  • NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, is for new born babies otherwise cannot be treated generally.

Modular Operation Theatres
The modular OTs at Jyotsna are highly equipped for any medical emergencies. The up gradation matches with the current industry standards and the OTs designed with latest equipment and technology  
Digitalized Radiology

The Department of Digitalized Radiology at Jyotsna Hospital, is a world-class facility offering diagnostic imaging and interventional services, including Neuroradiology and Interventional Neuroradiology., the Radiology Suite is equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners, fluoroscopy units and much more. As a department that lends vital support to all specialties, the Radiology team include Consultants, Specialists and expert Technicians, who go after an inter-disciplinary work approach to provide high-quality diagnostic and interventional services to patients. 

Health Check-ups

Jyotsna Hospital health check up packages offers medical check up packages for  both men & women at affordable prices. A stitch in time saves nine! Don't delay until its tool late. Detection of chronic disease or early health diagnosis of disease, is mandatory for better cure and prevention of complications. Timely health check-ups not only leads to avoiding the danger of a severe health condition but also serves as an parameter for self assessment and better healthy life. At Jyotsna Hospital, cost-effective health care packages are designed to suit individuals according to gender, age and necessities.

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